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Dear Sir or Madam,We sculpt sculptures and figures of humans, animals and other motifs personally according to your wishes. They are 100% hand-made works and absolutely unique pieces from professional sculptor hand.For creating a head bust or a sculpturePlease submit at least 5 photos as a template, from different angles and different perspectives, if possible in a good quality. If you want to order your own headbands, you can simply visit us in our studio and we make the photos of you very professional. Apart from that, you will receive detailed instructions on how to create the best photovolvents. For clay sculptures of other motifs, it is also recommended to submit several photos.If we are to have your sculpture burned so that it reaches the absolute hardness, we would ask you to tell us beforehand, before starting the production, because the type of modeling and the workflow must be planned in advance.The duration of the production is individual and depends on several factors: the size and type of the work as well as the dryness of the clay mass.If you want to order your sculpture as a gift for a friend or family and your order is short term, just ask us. We will work together with you on the execution of your order.If the waiting time is too long, we recommend the perfect alternative as one of our handpainted portraits, whose waiting time is much shorter.The price for making a sculptureIs individual and depends on the size and type of the motif, difficulty level and material costs. We would be pleased to provide you with a non-binding quotation on request.Any questionsTo an order, would like a non-binding offer or have? Just write to us.E-mail: nsettareh@yahoo.deor call us+49 157-853 22 164 mobile number connecting: WhatsApp, Telegram, Imo, ViberOur offer order pictures and sculpturesIs not based on a photo sample, but is mainly based on the wishes, narratives and descriptions of your picture. If a photo is to be used as the basis for the order painting, we can also make a picture composition from several photos as a special feature of our studio. You will then receive a single total.We produce photovolturesHigh-quality pictures and sculptures of persons, animals, architecture or other motifs of desire. Please send us your photos by e-mail or by post. If you send us several photos of a subject, the result can only have a positive effect.What photovoltage systems are suitable?The most suitable are the photos taken in daylight. The color reproduction of the details in the natural light incident of the day is decisive and can be recognized much better. In photos of people, it is important that they look natural so that the character in the photo is reflected.If you have only a small selection of photos, e.g. Old photos or photos that have been created with flashing light at celebrations with flash light, do not hesitate to send them to us. We will do our utmost to make the picture beautiful.The remunerationOur pictures or sculptures depends on the size, type and complexity of the difficulty of a subject. Please see the Prices link.If the image or sculptur is not quite likeSmall changes can still be made. You will get your picture by e-mail to the preview and can describe what is not entirely your taste. Changes usually take about 1-2 days. Once you are satisfied with the work follow the shipping.Time and delivery timeDepends on the type of your order and the order situation. Head sculptures or smaller relief pictures about 1 to 2 weeksAnd large relief pictures 2 to 4 weeks Incl. Shipping time Express orders are possible.pay50% after the order confirmation and before the beginning of the work.Residual payment after production and photo transmission and confirmation for the shipment.(Final payment before shipment).Payment: PayPal, bank transfer or cash at pickup.ImportantFor orders or inquiries, please give us a valid phone number for queries.